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02 sep 2021

Litra Gass AS to implement AMCS Fuel Planner Suite to meet its demanding criteria.

After extensively researching transportation planning software solutions, Litra Gass AS has chosen AMCS Fuel Planner to streamline workflows and future-proof their sophisticated logistics planning.

Litra Gass AS, a subsidiary of Norway’s Litra Group of transportation specialists, provides fuel transport as well as specialised transport services for heavy equipment and mass displacement all across Norway. Headquartered in Voss, the company has over 100 employees and operates approximately 90 vehicles.

Safe and precise deliveries are a key focus for the Litra group of companies, whether that applies to the products they transport or the time and location of their delivery to the customer. Quality assurance in industry requirements, environmental considerations, and customer expectations is important, so having a system that digitalises the order-to-cash process is crucial.

After a few years researching the market to find just the right fit, Litra Gass is announcing that they have chosen the AMCS Fuel Planner suite, which will offer significant cost savings in their transport and transport planning as well as potentially increased customer satisfaction. The cloud-based Fuel Planner Suite that Litra Gass will implement includes:

  • Fleet Planner for transport planning, optimisation, and dispatch
  • Mobile Web for the drivers for execution of the trips and loads
  • Webportal with reconciliation and other functionalities

The most advanced capabilities in transportation planning solutions
Litra’s list of criteria for their new logistics planning software was demanding, which made it a challenge to find the right solution amongst the more standardised transport planning solutions available on the market. In addition to streamlined workflows and effective order handling, Litra was also looking for sophisticated and thorough reporting and data capabilities that would mean they could continue to improve their efficiency and service levels over time.

After the successful fit-gap analysis in 2020, Litra Gass and AMCS have entered an agreement and will now begin the implementation of the Fuel Planner Suite to handle transport planning, optimisation, dispatch, and execution for their fuel transportation services. The addition of the Mobile Web solution will allow Litra’s dispatchers to export routes directly to drivers in their vehicles. The drivers can see the updated routes directly on their in-cab devices and make updates and enter data, including deviations from the plan. It also means the dispatchers can track the drivers’ progress and receive updated delivery information.

VMI incorporated in the order planning
It was also important for Litra Gass that the new software solution could handle Vendor Managed Inventory. In the AMCS solution, VMI functionality is integrated into a forecast module that is directly updated with current stock level information from customers.

The Fuel Planner has been designed to easily predict orders and simplify stock level management using historical information combined with actual dip stick readings or input via sensors. Master route plans can be created in advance based on stock level information and expected orders. As new orders are finalised and other information becomes available, the planned routes are gradually updated and can even be adjusted throughout the actual execution if necessary.

Webportal for efficient reconciliation
Reconciliation functionality within the webportal allows for immediate comparisons of actual delivery amounts to the planned delivery for faster and more accurate billing. For instance, if a customer has a planned delivery of 800.000 litres but takes receipt of 820.000, the extra litres can be incorporated into the invoice automatically. This reduces the risk of lost revenues from adjustments that often had to be done manually.

Future-proof cost savings and efficiency
After their extensive search, Litra’s choice for AMCS Fuel Planner Suite was clear. The combination of transport planning, optimisation, dispatch and execution, accurate delivery information, and reconciliation will mean that Litra can spend significantly less time on transport planning and administration. (AMCS customers report reductions of anywhere from 25 to 75%.) The improved planning and communications translate directly to improved customer service levels as well.

AMCS Fuel Planner can also be expected to provide Litra Gass with other measurable cost savings. Customers typically report reductions in mileage and driving time by 10 to 25%, which, in addition to cost savings, lead to reduced CO2 emissions. Customers also report reductions of 5 to 10% in the number of vehicles they would typically need for their operations as a result of improved planning and optimisation.

Future-proofing their logistics operations was a big part of Litra’s choice for AMCS. In addition to the savings and increased availability of data and reporting, another important factor was AMCS’ focus on developing new functionality on the solutions together with customers. Involving customers in the development of new software functionality is one of the ways AMCS proves itself as a partner to bring continuous improvements for future efficiency.