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Webinar on Demand: Waste Planner LITE for the Construction and Demolition Industry

This lightweight version of the AMCS Waste Planner brings flexible planning solutions within reach for smaller and mid-sized operations! 

The AMCS Waste Planner is a sophisticated software solution that helps waste management companies optimise when and how they collect and transport waste. This Waste Planner Lite is our highly innovative and very user-friendly version of that solution, which has been intuitively pre-configured for a superfast implementation.

Based on our years of experience in optimising software for some of the most complex waste collection operations in the world, the Waste Planner Lite has all the fleet planning functionality of our customisable waste industry software condensed into an easy-to-use solution that is perfect for smaller skip and roll-on/roll-off (RORO) waste collection operations.

The Benefits

The AMCS Waste Planner Lite is a perfect solution for small to mid-sized skip and RORO container operations that don’t need all the customisation required to fully optimise the daily routing and scheduling for 100 or more vehicles. It uses all the intelligent capacity optimisation tools of the heavier Waste Planner, but the pre-configuration makes it faster and easier to implement and take live than the fully customisable version.

The benefits customers often experience with our waste planning solutions include:

  • Competitive advantage by eliminating restrictive customer order deadlines and allowing last-minute additions
  • Significant reductions in CO2 emissions, noise and air pollution with efficient collection
  • Reduction in number of vehicles and collections needed for same volumes of waste
  • Improved service levels with nearly 100% service fulfilment rates
  • Between 30% and 60% less time spent on planning
  • Between 30% and 60% less time spent on administration and follow-up
  • From 5% to 15% reduction in operational costs (km, time, vehicle operation)

Watch this webinar on demand to learn more about this cutting-edge planning system that can bring more efficiencies within reach of any organisation to automate the entire planning process for all types of waste collection, from commercial and industrial bin collection, sludge collection, and skip or RORO container transport.